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The GG516N is a one-of-a-kind. It is equipped with four rollers with a unique form, positioned on the two sides of the wheel in diametrically opposite positions.
With this system, the dismounting of the tyre with bead breakers is very simple and natural: while the front roller keeps the bead in the drop centre, the rear one continues its movement until the dismounting is complete.

Technical data

Chucking unit rotation motor2 kW
Hydraulic drive unit motor1,5 kW
Max. wheel Ø1320 mm (52”)
Max. allowed wheel width540 mm (21.2”)
Weight562 kg / 1190 lbs
Bead breaker power18000 N
Max wheel weight1200 kg / 2645 lbs
Chuck rotation speed (rev/min)8
Max. torque to chuc2600 Nm


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