Kit for ADAS sensor calibration systems

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ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

The precondition for ADAS calibration is that the vehicle is perfectly aligned.
Also the ADAS calibration panel needs to be perfectly aligned with the trust angle of the vehicle.
Our 3D and CCD aligners can be used  with ADAS diagnostic equipment from some of the major manufacturers, allowing quick and precise positionning of the panel.
The system allows to save time compared to basic laser systems.


Our dealers can purchase a reduced package from the ADAS software and panel producers which includes:
• the panel
• the tablet with ADAS software, databank and tutorial.

The reduced package does not include the laser alignment hardware with clamps since the panel positioning is done with the aligner.

Our 3D or CCD aligner shoud be equipped with:
- STDA141ADAS - token to upgrade aligner software with ADAS panel calibration functions. It includes ALIGNER CONNECT remote function for visualization on smartphone or tablet.
- STDA150AU - set of adapters to mount alignment targets /measuring heads on a AUTEL panel
- STDA150TX - set of adapters to mount alignment targets /measuring heads on a TEXA panel

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