Universal Brake Tester

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Roller brake tester approved for 3.500 kg maximum load vehicles (cars, commercial vehicles, caravans) and 2-3-4 wheel motorvehicles (motorcycle, lightweight 3 and 4-wheeled vehicles, quad) with a motor power of 4,70 Kw to satisfy the most demanding customers.

These units are suitable for testing:

  • Single wheel drag
  • Brake ovality (out-of-roundness) on single wheels and percentage difference
  • Maximum braking force on single wheel, on axle and total
  • Maximum percentage unbalance of braking force
  • Total percentage efficiency of braking system
  • Percentage efficiency of handbrake
  • Braking capacity split between front and rear axle
  • Axle weight
  • Pedal pressure device (only with SRT047M)

The Set of drive-through covers allows to quickly adapt the brake tester from cars to motorcycles.

Speed tester Speedometer
Flexible equipment offering a complete service even to those customers with small-sized workshops. Thanks to the parasitic current brake, the speed tester can offer the maximum test accuracy with the maximum reliability.

Technical Data

Maximum capacity at transit

(for single wheel)

Max power dissipated by braking device

9 kW

Top roller speed

80 Km/h

Parasitic current brake supply


Roller diameter

190 mm

Roller length

250 mm

Roller centre distance

900 mm

Roller working length

900 mm + 900 mm

Load cell precision± 0,1% (end of scale)
Measurement chain precision± 0,5% (end of scale)


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application/pdf icon Brochure

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