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Play detector

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Features The equipment generates an alternate stress on the wheels and, therefore, on the organs of the steering wheel and suspensions, allowing a visual check of any defects (clearance of the...



Products > Other products > Products > Test lanes

CFD102 Mechanical headlight beam setter with digital luxmeter, based on wheels, laser visor, laser pointing system. Laser Visor + Laser pointing system HALOGEN, XENON, LED LIGHTS: combining new technology applied on...



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Models SC 20L – SL 40L – SL 60L – SA 50 – SL 120N Air jacks K22 – K23 Axle stands R22 – R23 Cricchi idropneumatici K18 – K19 – K19S – K19SL – K19SH – K20S – K21S Wheel lift SR...


Tyre service equipment

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Models GR80WS – 60 kg – WIRELESS GR80WS is suitable for mounting and also transporting wheels. Maintenance-free lifting spindle. Drive is by a powerful electric motor with integrated safety brakes. The...


Tyre Inflation

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Features Automatic digital inflator Equipped with a metal keypad to guarantee durability and resistance to wear. To achieve perfect inflation it is simply a matter of keying in the required pressure...