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Hydraulic presses with hand pump, two automatic speeds and calibration valve. PX30 Capacity: 30 ton Weight: 230 kg PX15 Capacity: 15 ton Weight: 130 kg

Tyre Inflation

AUTOMATIC DIGITAL INFLATOR Equipped with a metal keypad to guarantee durability and resistance to wear. To achieve perfect inflation it is simply a matter of keying in the required pressure and pressing a button: the compressor… View Article

Headlight Beam Tester

CFD102 Mechanical headlight beam setter with digital luxmeter, based on wheels, laser visor, laser pointing system. Laser Visor + Laser pointing system HALOGEN, XENON, LED LIGHTS: combining new technology applied on software solutions and improving structure… View Article

Play detector

The equipment generates an alternate stress on the wheels and, therefore, on the organs of the steering wheel and suspensions, allowing a visual check of any defects (clearance of the spherical couplings, silent block, damper attachment,… View Article