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Features Intuitive Controls Syncro Rollers – The bead-breaking is performed by means of two rollers with a synchronized movement. The bead-breaking of both sides is quickly performed. Easy Demounting – The tool enters between bead and rim. Levering on… View Article


Features D VERSION INVEMOTOR 0-15 RPM – Variable Speed V VERSION – Double Speed Patented lever-free tool – Fits between the tyre and rim and takes hold of the bead, gradually lifting it without the aid of bead-lifter levers The exclusive… View Article

GA2945.26 MEMO

COMPLETELY LEVERLESS GA2945.26 TOOL MEMORY Rim edge “memory” controls:place it first time, then it will go back to same position just pushing a pedal EASY MOUNT-DEMOUNT Bead demount controls: down and up and the bead is… View Article


Features Tyre changer equipped with an innovative leverless tool (patented) that allows to work quickly and effortlessly even on new-concept and ultra-low profile tires, RUN-FLAT. The center post locking with floating plate (patented), suitable also for… View Article

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Models GA2240.20 – GA2240.22 Heavy duty structure to always guarantee proper working conditions Galvanised cylinder with double operation Rigid self-centering chuck and wide clamping range The pedal assembly can be removed allowing easy servicing. Tool with intergrated… View Article



GA2441 - GA1441

Features Heavy duty structure to guarantee proper working conditions at all times Metal side cover Grease bucket support FL unit V-TYPE = Double rotation speed I-TYPE =  Models with tubeless tyre inflation system Models     IN… View Article


Features The frame is large and reinforced, to grant the utmost rigidity to the structure and chucking table. The gear box is installed between two steel plates, to avoid flexion during operation. The extra height of the vertical post… View Article


Features The roller facilitates the  movement of the arm during tool positioning Tool with intergrated protection D-VERSION = INVEMOTOR 0-15 RPM VARIABLE SPEED + Bead-breaker adaptor with tilting adjustment The bead breaker opening can be adjusted to work with… View Article



Models The GG516EVO is a one-of-a-kind. It is equipped with four rollers with a unique form, positioned on the two sides of the wheel in diametrically opposite positions. With this system, the dismounting of the tyre… View Article


Models GG526N The operating dimensions of the clamping unit and of the head-tool carriage allow to work on the whole range of wheels, including super-single. The controls, with lever type hydraulic distributors, enable to regulate the speed… View Article


Features Electrohydraulic tyre changer for trucks, agricultural and earthmoving vehicles with rims between 11” and 56”. The dimensions and work strokes are such as to ensure maximum efficiency for the entire range of tyres. The chucking table can… View Article


Models GG 40256.11ST Electrohydraulic tyre changer for trucks, agricultural and earthmoving vehicles. Double Rotation Speed Double speed for chucking table rotation. Double Speed Movements Double speed on hydraulic movement. GG40256.11ST Manual lifting of the arm and… View Article


Features Quick Manual Rotation – Tool rotation with quick unlocking device Minimum Height 300 Mm (12”) Double Rotation Speed – Double speed for chucking table rotation Minimum Clamping Ø 90 Mm (4”) Tube And Tubeless Models GG 30156.13EI Electrohydraulic tyre changer for trucks, agricultural and earthmoving vehicles. Controls on mobile unit. GG 30156.13… View Article


Models GG60360.15 Electrohydraulic tyre changer for trucks, agricultural and earthmoving vehicles. The dimensions and work strokes are such as to ensure maximum efficiency for the entire range of tyres. Electro-Brake Standard (GG60360.15) The electro-brake allows immediate stopping… View Article


Models GGRS926 Hydraulic chucking table. Suitable also for agricultural tyres. Technical data   GGRS926 Chucking unit rotation motor 1,1 kW Hydraulic drive unit motor 2 kW Rims Ø 11” – 27” Max. allowed wheel Ø 1300 mm… View Article


Retractable truck tyre changer suitable for closed vans. Ideal for road-side tyre service, it is suitable for both truck and also for agricultural tyres. Electro-hydraulic movements. Bluetooth controls. Hydraulic chucking table. STAND-BY FUNCTION After 5 sec…. View Article



Features Microprocessor system with self-calibration, self-diagnosis and specific features for static balancing and alloy rims. Multifunction and interactive keys to guide the operator Backlit monochrome  graphic LCD display, 1/16 VGA. Models ER 150H Compact hand spin machine to… View Article