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  • Quick Manual Rotation – Tool rotation with quick unlocking device
  • Minimum Height 300 Mm (12”)
  • Double Rotation Speed – Double speed for chucking table rotation
  • Minimum Clamping Ø 90 Mm (4”)
  • Tube And Tubeless


GG 30156.13EI

Electrohydraulic tyre changer for trucks, agricultural and earthmoving vehicles.
Controls on mobile unit.

GG 30156.13
GG 30156.11N

Controls with lever type hydraulic distributors.

Technical Data

  GG 30156.13SA
GG 30156.13EI
GG 30156.13
Chucking unit rotation motor 1 – 1,3 kW
Hydraulic drive unit motor 1,5 kW
Rim Ø 11” – 43”
Rim Ø with G108A12 11” – 56”
Max. wheel Ø 2300 mm (90,5”)
Max. allowed wheel width 1300 mm (51”) 1100 mm (43”)
Weight 820 kg/1800 lbs 740 kg/1630 lbs
Bead breaker power 26000N
Max wheel weight 1700 kg / 3750 lbs
Chuck rotation speed (rev/min) 4-8 rpm
Max. torque to chuck 4000 Nm (2948 FtLbs)


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