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Wheel balancers with interactive keyboard

Automatic spin when cover is lowered. The arm stores the positions for balancing correction: automatic programs for ALU S wheels. Guided rim/tyre optimisation process.
Pedal brake to keep the wheel stopped during weight positioning.

Caliper for automatic distance and diameter measurement. Automatic ALU S program.

Backlit graphic LCD display, 132x40 mm.
Multifunction and interactive keys to guide the operator.


GAR 301 - Calliper for automatic measurement of rim width.

Technical Data

Rim diameter

10”-26” automatic / 10”-30”

Rim width

1.5” - 30”

Max wheel weight

65 kg

Read-out accuracy

1 g

Cycle time

6 s.

Rotation speed (rpm)


Power supply

110-230 V / 50 - 60 Hz / 1ph

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