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  • Control panel available on each column
  • All columns are identical
  • Configuration sets: 4-6-8 columns
  • Mechanical locking system/parking
  • Wireless 2.4 GHz  communication among columns
  • Automatic selection of  transmission channel with display indication

Operation Modes
All - Simultaneous operation of all columns.
Group - Simultaneous operation of selected pairs of columns.
Single - Single column operation.

Synchronization at a height difference of 30 mm. Control board according to ISO standards 13849.

2 batteries in each column, 12V 100 A/h, gel type, maintenance-free. 20 lifting cycles with full load.
Battery charge leds:

  • yellow led = battery charging recommended, 5 cycles still possible
  • red led = battery charging is required, 1 lowering cycle still possible

Battery Charger
One battery charger in each column.
10 meter charging cable.
Battery charger works as such, it is not for power supply.
Batteries can be charged  during operation.

Display Information

  • Operation modes (all, group, single)
  • Height of columns
  • Battery charge condition
  • Diagnostic / maintenance
  • Number of column in a set

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