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SDI 125 / 3500 kg

Lift with extra-low platforms: only 60mm. Platforms can be adjusted in length.

SDI 125M  / 3500 kg

Lift with adjustable platforms both in length and in width. Min. height: 95mm.

SDI 110NK  / 3500 kg

Pads can be adjusted in height and are suitable for quick housing of extensions.
Vehicle access completely free. Extra low profile arms, parallel to the floor.

SDI 150U - Universal / 5000 kg

Lift for cars and vans, also with long wheel-base, up to an overall weight of 5000 kg. The carriages supporting the arms can be adjusted in width, in order to make the lift suitable for any application.

SDI 140 - Body Shop / 3500 kg

Special lift for body shops. Arms can be shifted along two lateral supports to position the vehicle on the body shop bench.

SDI 131 - Service + Inspection/ 3500 kg

Minimal platforms height 140 mm: easy access also for cars with low spoilers. Limited length.


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