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Computerised control unit (PFC 400 - PFC 500)
The SPACE console with the sober but elegant lines is made of powder-coated steel and contains the control unit. It acquires and processes all the test data by means of a powerful latest-generation computer. The calculation results are then displayed on the screen, stored and printed on the test report using an A4 ink-jet colour printer (PFC 400 and 500) located inside the console. The control software, developed entirely by SPACE, guides the operator in the execution of the entire test by means of easy-to-read and understand video images. The control unit has been designed with the precise intent of offering an expansible and flexible system so as to be able to build up a control and test line equipped with: speed test, vehicle weighing, sight controls, exhaust fume analysis/opacimeter, headlight centring unit, sound-level meter. The test can be controlled directly either from the control unit or through the lever pressure measuring unit (optional).
SPACE offers two types of consoles:

  • PFC 400 - Standard console with latest-generation PC and 19” monitor
  • PFC 500 - High console with latest-generation PC and 22” monitor

The characteristic measurable quantities are:

  • Resistance to free rolling on wheels
  • Ovalization of brakes and percentage difference
  • Max braking power on each single wheel and total
  • Total efficiency of braking system in percentage
  • Distribution of braking between front and rear axles
  • Dynamic weight on motorcycle (read at the same time as max braking force)
  • Brake lever pressure
  • Pressure on both levers in case of vehicles featuring two lever brakes and braking distributor
  • Pressure on brake pedal

Note: to measure the forces acting on the brake control, special sensors are required.

Crucial elements for the functionality, convenience and safety of test line operation are the support platforms. Made of sturdy embossed steel sections, they are carriageable and have a long lifespan. The one-of-a-kind left platform features a “Hold-to-run” safety device that permits starting the rollers only when the operator is in the correct safety position and interrupts the power supply when the operator lifts his feet off the sensitive platforms. This system has been developed to ensure utmost safety during test performance and exploits the instinctive movements of the operator in emergency circumstances.
SRT072M/PA - Additional platforms, 50 mm elevation (only with SRT072M)

Clamp devices (SRT069M)
4 automatic pneumatic clamp platforms.
For SPACE, operator safety is a crucial aspect and consequently the two clamp platforms provide utmost motorcycle stability. The SPACE pneumatic platforms are similar to a vice driven by two pneumatic cylinders and ensure extremely practical operation. To ensure the utmost mobility inside the workshop and maximum test line lifespan, the platforms are made of sturdy embossed steel sections and are carriageable.

Speed tester
APV 500 B000 Tester for 2-wheeled vehicles
APV 501 B000 Additional tester for 3 and 4-wheeled vehicles
The Space speed tester can be easily integrated in the brake test line so as to achieve a complete test line. Thanks to the electronic kit provided with the tester, to be fitted inside the Space control unit, all tests can be controlled from a single control position.

For lightweight 3 and 4-wheeled vehicles, Space proposes various solutions, with utmost adaptability provided for the workshop structure. It is in fact possible to have the speed tester on the left or right, side recessed at ground level.

Roller brake tester
PFB 030 2000
With weight system
PFB 030 3000 With self-braking motor and weight system
The SPACE roller brake tester is approved for testing 2-3-4 wheel vehicles, with utmost operating flexibility, while at the same time enabling our customers to maximise their investment. The project has been carefully developed in order to have low eccentricity rollers with an innovative covering in bi-component resin with dispersion of silica granules which ensures perfect grip in all test conditions without damaging the tyre. The sophisticated system of extensometer sensors ensures not only exceptional roller quality but also high measuring precision and perfect result reproducibility.

To give the customer utmost freedom of choice, the test line can be installed on the floor, recessed or on a podium (optional).

SPACE lines are designed to provide utmost flexibility with equipment available for recessing or fitting flush with floor and with the option of installing the additional speed tester to the left or right of the brake line. Moreover, for those who already have a motorcycle brake tester, a stand-alone 2-3-4 wheel speed tester is available.

To complete the 2-3-4 wheel vehicle Test Line
SPACE provides an all-round service to its customers by also supplying lifting systems for 2-3-4 wheeled vehicles.

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