VAR800WPA1 and VAR800WPA2

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We are pleased to inform that two washing bay versions are available for the SF8800 series lift: VAR800WPA1 and VAR800WPA2.

Differences between them:

• VAR800WPA1: motor-pump unit with cataphoresis coating in the washing bay;
• VAR800WPA2: motor-pump unit in a separate room, and waterproof stainless-steel control unit in the washing bay.

Common features:

1. Greaseable pins: each pin galvanized and equipped with greasers, easier maintenance and improved reliability in a wet environment;
2. Encoder equipped with special protection cover;
3. Waterproof electrical boxes inside the platforms: IP67;
4. Pneumatic valve protected from corrosion;
5. Stainless steel fittings;
6. Hot galvanized bases.
Please note: the hot galvanization of the whole lift is available, but not included with VAR800WPA1 – 2