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We would like to draw your attention to our new SPACE Web App. We hope that this tool will help you to quickly access all multimedia content that we offer on our SPACE website, wherever you are.
SPACE Web App for Android and IOS
All you have to do is opening our webpage, using a mobile device (can be smartphone or tablet) and follow the below simple instructions.



Please open our webpage, using Google Chrome. Then:
1. Select Settings, located next to the address bar on the top right side of the screen;
2. Select Add to the home screen;
3. Confirm by choosing Add

Please open our webpage, using Safari. Then:
1. Select “share the icon”;
2. Select Add to home
3. Confirm by choosing Add, on the top right side of the screen

Download now our SPACE Web App !
You can use the following QR code to quickly enter our website:



SPACE - Group Support Web App for Desktop Computers and Notebooksr

Discover our new SPACE – Group Support Web App – where you can find lots
of interesting info, media, technical documentation and much more regarding
our SPACE equipment.
Please use Google Chrome as your browser.

How to do it?
Please open Google Chrome, using your desktop or notebook and type the following:

04spaceapp1. In the top right side of the screen
below the “X” icon to close the
window, select Settings, then More
Tools, then Add to desktop


05spaceapp2. In the dialogue box shown here
on the side please select “Open
as window” and then click on


3. You will find now this icon on
your desktop. Please double
click it to launch the
programme. From now on you
will always be using an updated
software with safe connection to
our SPACE Web Group Support