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New Separate Rollers in professional tyre changers


Published on Monday, November 17, 2014

We have introduced a new important modification in our range of professional tyre changers, SEPARATE ROLLERS for:

  • GA465.EL and GA445.EL series => central locking + electrical motors
  • GA461.24TLX and GA441.24TLX series => tulip locking + air motor

The SEPARATE ROLLERS allow fast and easy demounting of the bottom bead:




INFO-SPACE-1114_03 INFO-SPACE-1114_04 INFO-SPACE-1114_05

Please, also note that “TLX” series models GA461.24TLX and GA441.24TLX are completely air powered: no need for any electric connection.

The new 14 pistons air motor generates high torque and a remarkable 15 rpm rotation speed.

application/pdf icon Depliant

application/pdf icon Depliant

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