Test Lanes approvals

UK BTS1 BTS1_PFK500T-MOTV-FP-VAART600-FLAT (Bench PFB2023) Roller Brake Tester for MOT VII Class III, IV & VII Roller Brake Tester for PFN 750/800 Class III & IV BTS2   BTS2_PFK500T-MOTV-FPE-VAART600-FLAT (Bench PFB2023) BTS2_PFK500T-MOTV-PE-FPE (Bench_PFB2023-Cabinet_PFC501E) BTS2_PFK600T-MOTV-PE-FPE (Bench_PFB2023-Cabinet_PFC601E) PFN750-MOTVII-E-FE-PE-PFE… View Article

CE Approvals

Space manufactures lifts for cars and commercial vehicles, which are included among the equipment referred to by the Annex IV to the European Machine Directive 2006/42/CE. Space’s products comply with  EN1493:2010 (harmonized standard for lifts), with Directive… View Article