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Features Built-in handle with plastic protection. Built-in rubber protection. Rapid pivoting coupling system to the lift to prevent damage in the case of obstacles in descent. Battery with quick release system. 8-hour battery lifetime to permit… View Article


Features All pivot points made with self lubricating bushings for long life CE approved lift with low voltage controls No cross rails or torsion bars between lifting platforms (for maximum accessibility in the working area) Every… View Article

Test Lanes approvals

UK BTS1 BTS1_PFK500T-MOTV-FP-VAART600-FLAT (Bench PFB2023) Roller Brake Tester for MOT VII Class III, IV & VII Roller Brake Tester for PFN 750/800 Class III & IV BTS2   BTS2_PFK500T-MOTV-FPE-VAART600-FLAT (Bench PFB2023) BTS2_PFK500T-MOTV-PE-FPE (Bench_PFB2023-Cabinet_PFC501E) BTS2_PFK600T-MOTV-PE-FPE (Bench_PFB2023-Cabinet_PFC601E) PFN750-MOTVII-E-FE-PE-PFE… View Article

CE Approvals

Space manufactures lifts for cars and commercial vehicles, which are included among the equipment referred to by the Annex IV to the European Machine Directive 2006/42/CE. Space’s products comply with  EN1493:2010 (harmonized standard for lifts), with Directive… View Article