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New models and developments


Published on Friday, June 12, 2015

The new models and developments introduced during the Autopromotec Show proved a great success among our visitors confirming Space as worldleading company in terms of R&D and product innovation!

Herebelow some of the main new features and models introduced in our range.

NEW interesting and helpful software functions implemented on the latest software update in our range of car wheel alignment systems:

INFO-SPACE-1315_01INFO-SPACE-1315_02 INFO-SPACE-1315_03 INFO-SPACE-1315_04

Automatic steering
(during the steering on the left, without preselecting steering mode, the software recognizes the desired steering configuration and automatically sets itself on the same mode for the opposite direction)

INFO-SPACE-1315_05 INFO-SPACE-1315_06 Live set-back adjustment
(including print-out)
 INFO-SPACE-1315_ponte2C New range of electromechanical 2-post lifts with larger 2650 mm distance between posts to better accommodate larger vehicles now more and more common on the market.
 INFO-SPACE-1315_ponte4C NEW SQ502ELT electrohydraulic 4-post lift for wheel alignment with 5000 kg capacity and built-in wheel-free lift.

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