New catalogues for SPHERE 3D systems new range

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We are pleased to inform you that new product catalogues are now available for our new range of SPHERE 3D tower-free wheel alignment systems.
The new brochures are available for download now!


The new designed range offers you and your customers even more features and flexibility at competitive prices.

4 versions are now available:


New top-range model


Space best seller (model confirmed without any modifications)


New mid-range models with closed cabinet


New entry-level model always allowing to skip the run-out compensation procedure

All the four SPHERE series alignment versions (HPR, HP, SP and L) are now:

  • Wireless: totally wireless installation and wireless communication between the computer and the lift / sensor heads
  • Roll-free: now also the new entry level Light version can be equipped with optional grabber arms clamps (4 point or 3 point) to avoid rolling compensation
  • Tower-free: much smaller footprint for the alignment bay, compared to any other 3D aligner available today on the market.
  • Portable: the aligner can be used in multiple bays in the shop, even on the floor in the reception area, thanks to the portable cameras and the smartphone/tablet control possibility
  • Fast-check-ready: built-in fast check software mode, for a quick diagnosis, anywhere in the shop
  • Connected: smartphone/tablet control, thanks to optional ALIGNMENT CONNECT app (STDA141, standard with ARP3DHPR)
  • PROFILER-ready: possibility to integrate our SPWS103 tyre thread depth reading system with the alignment computer/software, limited additional space and investment needed

Feel free to contact us for any price proposal and technical clarification in order to take advantage of the new competitive and complete Sphere 3D wheel alignment range!