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Electrohydraulic tyre changer for trucks, agricultural and earthmoving vehicles. The chucking table can accommodate rims up to 42” without extensions (and 60” with extensions).

Time saving: the tool moves around the wheel, with no need to move the carriage.

Thanks to the exclusive telescopic hook the tool no longer needs to be rotated.

Minimum Clamping Ø 90 mm (4”)
90 mm min internal clamping diameter.

Double Rotation Speed
Double speed for chucking table rotation.

1-6-12 Rpm Rotation Speed With Inverter (GG60360D.17)
Rotation speed adjustable with inverter at 12/6/1 rpm, also suitable for tyre treading.

The electro-brake allows immediate stopping of the rotation to avoid any damage to the tyre.

Double Speed Movements
Double speed on hydraulic movement.


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