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FAST CHECK option for truck wheel aligners


Published on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

We are pleased to outline the new function recently introduced in all our TRUCK wheel aligners range:


The FAST CHECK option allows quick control of:

  • front axle direct angles (Option FastCheck, using the 2 front measuring heads only)


  • all the vehicle axles (Option FastCk 4, using all the 4 measuring heads).


INFO-SPACE-0216-FAST-CHECK_01 Selection of the operation mode
INFO-SPACE-0216-FAST-CHECK_02 Example of FAST CHECK results for front axle
(using 2 measuring heads only)
INFO-SPACE-0216-FAST-CHECK_03 Example of FAST CHECK result for rear axle
(using 4 measuring heads)
INFO-SPACE-0216-FAST-CHECK_04 Example of FAST CHECK result for second rear axle
(using 4 measuring heads)

As per the standard operation mode, the printout can be either as numerical table-sheet or in the NEW graphical format:



With the above-described additional feature, SPACE truck wheel aligner range becomes a complete multi-tasking tool for the wheel alignment specialists and professionals.

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