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Autopromotec NEW Products


Published on Monday, June 19, 2017

The new models and developments introduced during the AUTOPROMOTEC Show proved a great success confirming Space as world-leading company in terms of R&D and product innovation!

Herebelow some of the main new developments and models introduced in our range and available in the current Edition 05/2017 of our Export Price List 12/2016.


SPACE-Tire-Profiler   Tyre Tread Profiler, allowing automatic detection of the tyre wear when vehicle drives through.


Profilatore-space   Consisting of two drive-through platforms equipped with stereo cameras (patented) and a laser blade illuminator (red light)


SPACE-Tire-Profiler-VID   The profile of each tire is graphically represented with a graded scale (red-orange-green), indicating the tire wear


Truck-wheel-alignment   Truck wheel alignment multi-axle rolling compensation


09_rav   VARCOMBO transforming the 6 CCD truck wheel aligner with low-profile sensors (ART86TWSR) into a wheel aligner for both trucks and cars


NEW-drawbar   NEW drawbar adjustment procedure, developed to guide and ease the drawbar’s alignment when it is adjustable


NEW-Truck-pressure-sensor   NEW truck pressure sensors, allowing the pairing of up to 6 devices


SRT077   NEW “virtual” analogue control unit for test lanes, combining the easiness of an analogue display with the accuracy of a digital resolution


Test-Lane-Connect   Suitable for Test Lane Connect too



New SDE2343WK electro-mechanical 2-post lift, allowing an easy use from short wheelbase cars to medium-size vans (like VW T5).

Drawings with loading points of main brands are available on request.


DIS-SDE2250LIKT-ok   New SDE2250LIKT/LIKTA electro-mechanical 2-post lifts, with capacity increased to 5500 kg to meet the latest manufacturers’ standards


DIS-in-ground   Extension of the range of twin-cylinder in-ground lifts, to meet the latest manufacturers’ standards (SDI110LR, SDI155K, SDI155LIKTA)


G1160-30swift-SPACE   New Ergonomic Wheel Lift
For Top Range tire changers, closer to the machine body and stopping in position for easy loading and unloading of heavy rim/tire combinations.



Product Upgrade on GA2441 series automatic tyre changers:

  • Column with reinforced covers
  • Tool arm sliding roller on horizontal shaft for easier positioning
  • 40 mm vertical hexagonal shaft



ER228BIKE Desk Wheel Balancer, motorized with dedicated motorcycle locking kit.

Maximum precision and minimum space requirements.

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